Czech furniture looks great in a TV advertisement


Preparing the final reports after a successful campaign is always a sweet note to end on. Both for us and for the client. And we were delighted to pass on the good news to our new client, Nábytek Helcel.


The traditional Czech furniture retailer Nábytek Helcel has been on the market for 30 years now, but until recently it was not particularly well known to the public. However, thanks to the campaign we organised together with the igloonet agency, people are now much more aware of its kitchen ranges and corner sofas .


Our agency handled the creative part of the campaign and the purchase of media space on TV Nova stations. We placed selected items from the furniture e-shop into a television advertisement and a remarketing online campaign under the guidance of Igloonet, and achieved excellent results.


In comparison with last year, during the period in question there was an 86 % increase in people visiting the client’s website through organic channels, and organic sales increased by an amazing 301 %. The brand’s name is now not completely unfamiliar; it was Googled by 60 % more people than last year.


And now you can see what the ad looks like: