An extraordinary 20 years

Campaign: An Extraordinary 20 Years for the South Moravian Region

Client: Jihomoravský kraj


The South Moravian Region is celebrating its 20th anniversary and it has managed to get a huge amount done during that time. However, most people had absolutely no idea what this self-governing unit is actually responsible for. How come? Basically, everything works so smoothly that people don’t need to take an interest. Therefore, to mark the region’s anniversary we prepared a campaign entitled An Extraordinary 20 Years for the South Moravian Region, the aim of which was to say thank you. Thank you to all health-care staff, road workers, teachers, scientists, and the many others who don't get much coverage in the newspapers, for doing their jobs so well.






The pleasure of saying thank you

The entire campaign used the slogan “Even an ordinary thank you gives extraordinary pleasure”. And really everyone had the chance to say thank you. There was a place to say thank you online on  the Extraordinary 20 Years website, as well as in person at the individual events. This did not involve a charter or a board, however, but the travelling letter M as cut out from the South Moravian Region logo. People said thank you to their doctors, trainers, colleagues and many others. And in order to get others involved, we invited people on the social networks, in brochures and in trams, such as with this video:

Extraordinary stories

The region is not just an abstract institution, but is most of all about the people who live and work there, and take care of it. And to give the region a clear face, we chose ambassadors from six key areas administered by the region and told their stories on a special website for an Extraordinary 20 Years. We also added several interesting facts and figures for each area, which were a great help to visitors wanting to win prizes in the quiz. This was an interesting way of informing people how many hospitals, museums and sports clubs the South Moravian Region administers, or what goes on in a digital workshop.






Celebration for everyone from the region

The South Moravian Region is made up of 7 districts, which are home to almost 1.2 million people. And for everyone to be able to enjoy the region’s anniversary, just one celebration wouldn’t be enough. For each key region at least one public event was planned, such as the Wine Salan and Electron Microscope Days. There, visitors had the chance to meeting with ambassadors and regional representatives and compete to win themed experiences. It was also supposed to culminate in Region Days, but the pandemic put paid to that and the campaign had to be changed.

An extraordinary time for heroes

The celebrations, which were to culminate at the end of summer, lasted until October. Although the public events were cancelled, people didn’t miss out on the themed experiences. They could still compete to win a tour of the Pavlov Archaeology Park, a ride on a historical train and other prizes in quizzes, for which a new separate subpage was set up on the website. And what about our ambassadors? They donned their face masks and showed everyone how they are helping out. A huge thank you is due not only to them, but to everyone who made disinfectants, sewed face masks or helped friends and acquaintances cope with quarantine.



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