Time to rewrite
the rules

Campaign: #brnotruestory

Client: Statutární město Brno | TIC Brno


Tourism and society have been turned upside down. Only Brno stays true to its DNA and is inviting tourists to come and experience that real #brnotruestory. In this unexpected situation this is our idea for the biggest campaign yet to support tourism in Brno. And so what’s Brno like? Original, lively, ambitious, and most of all rebellious! And who wouldn’t want to experience a bit of rebelliousness, especially at a time when we’ve already seen enough of bans and regulations?

The rules don’t apply to us

We’d all prefer to forget the rules sometimes and do things our way. So hurrah for Brno, as there the time has come to rewrite the rules. The rules that say that you can’t enjoy a holiday with the children, that you only need to see Brno once, and that looking at statues is boring. And if we’re going to rewrite those rules, let’s do it properly – instead of orders and bans the time has come for a laid-back and appealing alternative, which makes it worth visiting Brno for.




How to awaken a rebel? With tonality!

So Brno only appeals to rebels? Not at all! Yet it is able to strum those rebellious strings inside each one of us, with just the right tonality. In our key visuals and on the social networks we use only the informal form of address and do not shy away from using slang. We’re easy-going and true to ourselves. We don’t really care what people say, but we’re not vulgar. We don’t need to be.

Specific tips for visiting Brno

The most fascinating and original things that Brno has to offer? That differs from person to person. So, we reached out to some influencers – interesting people, rebels to varying extents, to show their fans on the social networks what they can see and enjoy in the city. Space was also given to some interesting businesses and unique entrepreneurial achievements, such as the Sorry, pečeme jinak confectioner's, the experience offered by the hotel Anybody, and the 4Pokoje restaurant and bar.



The biggest tourism campaign in Brno

Most people stayed at home during the summer of 2020, and so Czech tourists were desperate. Brno didn’t hang around and invested in its biggest campaign yet to promote tourism. This included not only massive online coverage, but also television spots for the very first time. We shot three separate videos, each for one of the main target groups, and showed Brno as a place where visitors can get away and relax from all the rules. These television spots were seen by an estimated 6 million people.

And how was the campaign viewed?
During the summer the number of followers on the Instagram profile GO to BRNO increased by almost 50 %, which really says it all.


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