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Campaign: Communication Campaign 2020/2021 – prospective students

Client: Masarykova univerzita


Quality, prestige and high standards. In 2019 these values of Masaryk University served as the basis forour communication campaign for prospective students. The result? The number of applications started to increase after a long time. In order to repeat this success, we ramped up the authenticity. We kept the original concept of a challenge and the emphasis on strong emotions, but also contacted ten real students. One from each faculty. And they added a new dimension to the second year of the #munichallenge and increased the year-on-year number of applications filed by an amazing 12 %.

Education is just the beginning

Getting into university is a challenge in itself, and that’s especially true of MUNI! This school is for students with high ambitions and the willingness to pursue them. Therefore, the campaign has retained its strongly motivational tone and positive emotions play a major role in all the visuals and texts. Determination, enthusiasm and self-confidence. We show applicants that it is entirely down to them how far they can go, and that no one can know what direction their life will follow. However, we can tell them where it starts. At MUNI. And that’s a great reason to apply.



Students in the role of ambassadors

We obtained one representative from each faculty for the university campaign. We took photos of the students, filmed a spot with them and put them on banners. That might have been enough. But not for us. Ben, Tereza, Jakub, Veronika, Kristián, Pavlína, David, Vojtěch, Dominika and Renča. They have all become MUNI ambassadors and the faces of their respective faculties. They then worked with us to produce articles, witty and informative posts on the social networks, and invitations to online open days. You can see some of them on the Facebook page for applicants.





University chatbot?

This time the anti-pandemic measures meant that the university fairs usually visited by potential students in search of first-hand information, could not be held. To make sure they didn’t miss out on anything, we prepared a chatbot for them and motivated them to communicate with it by announcing a competition to win prizes. The MUNIbot chatted with the competition entrants for five days, helped them to choose a faculty, gave them an insight into what it’s like to study and live in Brno, and showed them what to expect from the entrance exams.

We launched the chatbot at the time applications were being submitted, and this is how it turned out:

• 331 926 users contacted, i.e. most of the target group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
• 1 658 conversations started
• 621 conversations completed (37.5 %)
• 150 prize-winning competition entrants

The applicants absolutely loved the MUNIbot.
Take a look at some of the responses we received from them:





Figures as a mark of success

Measured by the increase in the number of applications, the second #munichallenge was more than successful..
Allow us to present a brief summary:

• In 2020 the number of applications increased by 4 %.
• In 2021 the number of applications increased by 12 %.

Our #munichallenge thus raised the total number of applications by a fantastic 16 %. In addition to this, we doubled the number of views of the video, obtained 40 % more unique users on the social networks (FB and IG), and organic posts were also a big success.


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