Media Age won two golden medals at IMC CZECH AWARDS 2019 and is headed for Europe

Media Age won two golden medals at IMC C

One gold is just not enough. “Brno which is not” – a campaign we created for the City of Brno in cooperation with the agencies Majak and Cryptomania – earned two first places in this year’s IMC CZECH AWARDS. The humorous communication of the strategic projects of the city utilizing the principals of gamification caught the jury’s attention in two categories – “Public contracting authority” and “Event, Field and Sports Marketing”.

We are very happy that the jury appreciated our take on the seemingly boring subject. Instead of preparing another dry booklet we let our imagination loose and managed to come up with a campaign that was met with an unusual success. The campaign “Brno which is not” reached over 760 000 people on the internet and led more than 44 000 visitors to the landing page dedicated to the strategic projects. Furthermore, 2 206 players took part in the special games designed to promote chosen projects and spent 10 734 hours learning about them. And just by the way – walked about 40 000 kilometers while doing so.

Together with the municipality and our partners we worked on the project for a full year and we prepared not only the communication strategy, key visuals, new website, communication concepts for the social and conventional media, but also an activation game which took Brno residents to the places where the strategic projects of the city are going to be built.

The 17th IMC CZECH AWARDS once again showed the best of the last year’s works of the Czech marketing and creative agencies. This year, 76 projects were submitted in 15 categories and a jury composed of professionals in the field decided about their ultimate destiny. The winners can traditionally move to the European finals and compete with other golden campaigns from all over the continent. The aim of the competition is not only to evaluate the creativity of individual solutions, but also to link them to the brand strategies they develop and, of course, their impact on the performance and growth of these brands. Keep your fingers crossed for us to stand on the podium in Europe as well.


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