The continuation of the #munichallenge will be more about the students


In last year’s candidate campaign we increased the number of applications to Masaryk University. Will be succeed this year, too? Work on the #munichallenge is our new challenge, but we’re not in it alone.


In the new campaign MUNI students reach out to potential students, one from each faculty. This gives the continuation of the #munichallenge not only a more realistic dimension, but also greater diversity and life. And what’s more, candidates appreciate personal experience and recommendations from students a thousand times more than from unified brochures.


Emotions again play a major role. This time, however, it won’t be about sweat and hard work, but pleasure and the fulfilment of one’s dreams. And as no one will be taking their hand and guiding them at uni, we tell candidates that they alone know what challenges they can overcome and how far they can take things. Their ideal life journey is open and begins here. At MUNI.


And we’re not letting the pandemic dampen our spirits, either. Rather than a stand at university fairs, we basically had to come up with a different solution. Such as a chatbot. You can check out how the whole campaign went here: