We’re supporting tourism again with #brnotruestory


Brno doesn’t have the oldest monuments or the most modern skyscrapers. But no one comes here for that, anyway. It’s all about the atmosphere and the fact that #brnotruestory is a different story for everyone. You can be yourself here – carry out crazy scientific experiments, open a New York-style bar or bake cakes with crickets. Or anything else you want to do.


In essence, Brno doesn’t tell you what to do, and so this year once again it will not be crying out to the masses: “Come here!” The people for whom Brno is ideally suited do not take orders anyway. They are active, attracted by authenticity and an unconventional way of life. What does it matter that they might not look the part? So, rather than a clear invitation, they are attracted by the question: “And what does Brno awaken in you?” This is the main claim of this year’s campaign.


The times have changed, and so in our strategy we are responding to the new trends in the tourism industry brought about by the pandemic. Last year we collaborated with a number of influencers, and this year we are planning to involve local ambassadors in our communication campaign. We will be doing even more to show potential visitors the best of Brno, and will also be supporting some unique entrepreneurial achievements. Basically, we will be striving to provide the best possible online taste of Brno before you visit, to make it clear that there’s nothing to be afraid of, and in fact plenty to look forward to. We are also counting on the possibility that tourists will not be able to come at all. In which case we would definitely not put communication on the back burner, just the opposite. After all, what are social networks and live streams for?


The tourist season can begin, Brno is ready. And so is South Moravia, where the concept of the campaign will again be duplicated.