One “O” rules them all

Campaign: Olympia Brno

Client: ECE Projektmanagement Praha


A strong brand is the key to success. That is clearly understood at the Olympia Brno shopping centre. We gave them a tool to build such a brand. We came up with the iconic pink “O”, which made Olympia the queen of brand recognition. More than 96 percent of respondents recognized the strong symbol in surveys. And when we already had the "O", we decided to play with it creatively. Whether we put it in a spring or winter robe or weaved into a spiderman cobweb, we always remembered that Olympia Brno is mainly about fashion and entertainment.

We have been working for Olympia for 7 years, and apart from setting up branding and strategy, our cooperation has included the overall visual, content and production concepts of campaigns, creating radio spots, event organization, and many other full-service marketing features.


A strong brand that you enjoy

A necessary evil, symbols of consumer society that suck life from city centres, or cool places where it is good to "be seen"? What does the shopping centre mean to us today? We have seen Olympia Brno as a magician who can amaze and entertain its audience at every visit. It makes dreams come true. It never bores and always surprises. Such was the visual style of the shopping centre in our conception. Stylish, yet playful. Variable, yet recognizable at all times. In short, we were making magic with the “O”.


Benefits and significant navigation

Olympia Brno has something to show off! Whether it's the 4,000 free parking spaces, the 200 shops, the dozens of unique brands, restaurants and cafés in the food court, the unique Olympia Park and services that other malls don't provide. We proposed how to effectively present the benefits of the shopping centre and how to guide people within the tangle of Brno's road closures. You won't find a better place!

He who doesn’t surprise, practically doesn’t exist

The magician among shopping centres must always have some tricks up his sleeve. We have come up with a bunch of ideas to surprise visitors with unconventional ambient media.

night shopping

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