Getting things moving online with Pole Dance Online

PDO news

Good things need to be done with heart. However, it’s just as important to realise when it is time for a change, and that you don’t need to keep on doing everything endlessly yourself. After all, that’s the only way one can grow. They know this at Pole Dance Online and so they contacted us.


They began teaching pole dancing on computer screens back when studios were still open, and paradoxically the coronavirus crisis actually worked out in their favour. Although they are the number one in their field and offer professional-standard online lessons, customers weren’t exactly rushing in. Therefore, we analysed their entire project, proposed a communication strategy and are now working on making sure that the right people hear about it.


Not everyone is willing to have a pole installed at home, but that’s not required to be a member of Pole Dance Online. Nor are age, weight or flexibility an issue, as many people might think. We want to help do away with these prejudices. To show that suppleness comes with time, and that there’s no need to travel to the studio to practise.


We are now running an online campaign for Pole Dance Online and are regularly discussing the next steps to be taken. First up will be the planned rebranding. Focusing on just one sport is starting to prove too small and restrictive for the brand, as is our country. And so we’re looking forward to seeing where this collaboration of ours will take us.