From unpleasant questions to a challenge. Prepare Brno for climate change


When the temperature rises, big cities feel it the most. Climate change is on the horizon, and for Brno to mitigate its impact, it has pledged to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 40 % by 2030. However, this would only be possible with the help of active companies and citizens. And to get those involved, a communication campaign was needed.


The entire project is a challenge, so we gave it a name – #PripravBrno (#PrepareBrno). On the website we helped to present the goal and specific steps that people can keep to. Companies got involved, and all we needed to do was reach out to the citizens themselves.


The City of Brno’s projects are renowned for their hyperbole and wit, so we got stuck into creating some lightly provocative messages packed with unpleasant questions. Do we really have to run the Niagara when cleaning our teeth? Do we seriously want to have barbecues on the square in summer? Because it is better to face unpleasant questions now than unpleasant heatwaves later. And that’s actually the idea behind our campaign video, which features stand-up comic Adéla Elbel.


However, help in preparing Brno for climate change also comes with a reward, in the form of more muted visuals with acknowledgments and also subsidies. Eco-subsidies, to be precise, which the people of Brno can obtain for green roofs, brightened-up courtyards and perhaps even for an e-Šalina card. We also assisted in this associated project for the City of Brno by creating the visuals for the outdoor campaign.