Since there’s water
pulsing in your veins

Campaign: Since there’s water pulsing in your veins

Client: Gumotex


Ahoooj! Bow paddler, stern paddler, the middle one? You will never experience more fun on holiday than when you face water. No matter if you have experience to share, or you are a greenhorn, you will definitely enjoy it on water.

Just as we enjoyed inventing communication campaigns for our largest manufacturer of rubber boats, rafts, canoes and kayaks. To put it more simply, it wasn't just the work for the Boats and Outdoors division, we realized the ideas for improving communication for the entire GUMOTEX company. The campaign “Since there’s water pulsing in your veins”, is definitely what we eat, sleep and breathe.


Together on one wave

Why go to the other end of the world when it is so nice here? Literally. The key visual for the GUMOTEX summer campaign was shot on “Prýgl”. We took the whole family and “Together on one wave” we set out on a water sports adventure in the press, PR and social networks.


Maximum freedom when fishing

Are you an angler heart and soul but want some change? Then you must definitely try kayak fishing! GUMOTEX has launched its first ever fishing kayak, the Halibut, and we were happy to help.

If you want to talk to anglers, you should learn their language. Or you can find the famous angler David Havlíček, who will become a brand ambassador and will speak for you. We made a promotional video with him and introduced all the pluses of the new kayak. For a fishing kayak that gets you quickly and quietly to a dream catch, we prepared new microsites, created customized content, and implemented online and social campaigns.

We also directed the exposition of the GUMOTEX stand at PADDLE EXPO 2015, where the Halibut was officially introduced.

Product catalogues

Tradition, quality and, above all, experience. For those who would hesitate which of the inflatable boats to buy, there are clear catalogues of products. Do you need a boat for recreation, wild water or fishing? You will certainly be able to select something from the plethora of accessories. We have prepared GUMOTEX catalogues from A to Z in several languages.


We help you to help

It wasn't just the boats that we worked on. For example, for the Rescue Systems division, we photographed and graphically processed the key visual and all printed and online GUMOTEX promotional materials (not only) for the Paris Eurosatory.


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