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Campaign: Brno which is not

Client: Statutární město Brno


How to tell Brno residents about the city's strategic projects and not bore them to death? We could have thought of another dry booklet, thrown a few leaflets around the city and got it out of the way. But we decided to break free from the common clerical stereotype, we used our imagination and humour and came up with the campaign Brno, which is not! And why not, if we already have a “Bar that doesn't exist” in Brno? Brno is not afraid of jokes and likes to move on the edge. In short, our blood type. Together with the city we worked on the project for a year, and in addition to the strategy, key visuals, a new website, social networking and media output, we also managed the public activation through an encryption game which Cryptomania helped us a lot with.

Brno which is not?

Špilberk, Petrov, Old Town Hall or Trenck's dried mummy in the Capuchin crypt. It is no problem to walk around Brno which is (and it has been for some time already). But for the first time in the long history of this metropolis we invited people for a walk in Brno which is not. We showed them all those things that will make life for the Brno people more pleasant one day. Whether it's new roads, swimming pools, concert halls or even tram tracks. In short, projects for which it takes a long time and difficulty to come into existence. And before the tape is cut, they actually don't exist.


When we make fun, let’s make it great

In 2018, we introduced a total of 10 strategic projects to the Brno people through 8 encryption games. And the key visual for each of them was mixed in a little crazy collage.

The colours and selected elements of individual projects were then also imprinted in the umbrella graphics of the entire campaign. Thanks to the distinctive chromatic code, the original concept and the humorous copy, our outputs were highly visible not only in the city and in the media, but also on the Internet and social networks.


"Do people have not more than 2 seconds to spend on your promotion?"

645 teams
2 206 players
10 734 hours of playing

The campaign did not live only on playing

When the creative cards are dealt, it's time to work on conversions. In order to motivate the Brno people to play, but also to tell them about strategic projects, we prepared the cz website for the city. Then we set out for social networking and PPC campaign equipped with a bold strategy, precise targeting and an army of witty posts, GIFs and videos. Well, imagine, people clicked like wonder.





Spectacular finals and other experiences

You can do many things, but you must never bore your audience and media! That is why we started the whole campaign with a press conference with newsboys in costumes inspired by mascots of the individual project. The players were rewarded with the experience you wouldn't buy for money (imagine a concert in the hall which is not, for example) and the 100 best teams in the game proceeded to the spectacular final. We organized this at the Re:publika festival at the Brno Exhibition Centre in spring and at Špilberk Castle in the autumn.

„As one of the first cities in the Czech Republic, we used the gamification principle on a seemingly boring subject, such as strategic projects. And it worked. The campaign stirred up the Brno waters and brought thousands of players into the game.“

Ing. MgA. Barbora Podhrázská Head of Marketing and Foreign Relations Office

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