Take up the challenge.
Study at MUNI!

Campaign: Communication Campaign 2019/2020 – prospective students

Client: Masarykova univerzita


Wild parties, fried cheese in the refectory, and also Kung Fu. University marketing in the Czech Republic is a highly specific discipline. It seems that the recipe for success is clear – jokes and fun always attract people. When we were tasked with coming up with a recruitment campaign for Masaryk University (MUNI), we decided to do things differently. What if someone finally left it down to the students themselves? All fun aside, it’s their future we’re talking about.

Surveys have shown that what students find most important is a good and prestigious education. And so the new campaign for the second biggest university in the country focused on this. And as it was clear that it would be a struggle, the #MUNICHALLENGE was born. Did we hit the spot? The number of applications to MUNI started to rise after a long time, and that says it all. The figure rose by 4 % against the previous year.

It won’t be easy …

We wanted students to know what they’re letting themselves in for, so we made a video that explains it all clearly. They won’t get anything for nothing at MUNI. Each success will be the result of sweat and hard work. Sounds terrible? Not to those who believe that everything in life comes at a price, starts with a challenge. And the #MUNICHALLENGE is just for those very people.




…but it’s worth it

Why work hard at MUNI rather than taking the path of least resistance? Besides the fact that studying at uni would be no piece of cake, we decided to show what students get in return for all that hard work. And that’s a lot. They’ll be learning from the very best and will get the most out of work experience. Perhaps even in virtual reality. They can also look forward to a completely new life as a student, the bars of Brno, new friends and, at the end of all that, perhaps even the red diploma they dream of.


Emotions sell.
Even universities

For the entire duration of the campaign we showed just two faces on the social networks. Not enough, perhaps? Not if you show how many emotions one person can experience during those few crucial months before starting at university. We had our two protagonists experience pleasure, anxiety, determination, anger and many other of the feelings that students know so well. And where to put them? Well, into modern and effective formats such as carousels, canvas or this GIF.




Our challenge has been accepted by around 23 000 students, who have submitted almost 38 000 applications to MUNI altogether.



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