Thought-provoking questions deserve adequate marketing

Thought-provoking questions deserve adeq

To rent, or not to rent public areas to circuses with wild animals, that is the question. On the 1st of June a survey of the Brno Municipality for all the city inhabitants started and gave them a chance to comment on this touchy subject.

The task for the creative team of Media Age was to come up with an innovative way how to present the question to Brno residents. The communication had to be interesting and easily recognizable. In our opinion, the thought-provoking question deserved a daring concept. We came up with the iconic image of an elephant shrouded in the circus tent. A bit of a metaphor, but closely connected to the message. It had the potential to capture the audience’s eye and motivate to action.

We prepared the key visual and formats for online and offline communication as well. Including copy and animations. The survey takes place till the 30th of June and all Brno residents older than 15 years can take part in it through the web portal Or they can take their ID card and vote personally in the offices of TIC or Jiří Mahen’s Library.

Brno residents, do you agree with the circuses with wild animals in public areas? You can express your opinion here.