We teach Czech people
to eat local fish

Campaign: Fish on a Plate

Client: Ministerstvo zemědělství ČR


The pace of life is constantly accelerating. The emphasis on productivity and activity in both professional and personal life forces us to work more and seek out more fun, do it more efficiently and more intensively. And along with that, our eating habits are changing, too. We don't have time to take a nap after lunch to digest the goulash in cream sauce with six dumplings. We need food that tastes great and does not slow us down.

The Czech Republic has a unique ingredient stemming from the more than 24,000 ponds in our country. Local fish. As sworn foodies, we really enjoyed the task of “teaching Czech people to eat Czech fish”. We were inspired by the best food bloggers, instagrammers and youtubers, spiced up everything with our own inventions and a sense of detail. A campaign came into being that makes your mouth water!


A recipe for true taste

Why beat around the bush? The main thing is just food. But what food?! Foodstyling à la school canteen is long out of fashion. As well as overdecoration, rusticism, and schematic efforts to impress. In our concept, nothing could divert attention from the food itself - /span>healthy delicacies made from local fish. With a fresh turquoise shade in the background, we underlined the freshness, and, with the help of numbers, we beat the classical Czech stereotypes. For example, the feeling that fish is unnecessarily expensive. And when we were writing, we did not forget about a joke with a fishing theme. We then developed key visuals into individual applications - cookbooks, calendars and recipe leaflets. So, what do you think? Will you be caught?


An engaging and well-arranged website

Presentation in the digital environment is crucial. For the Fish on a Plate project, we designed a very user-friendly, design-clean, yet visually impressive website. We kept individual elements of the key visual, only in the background was the turquoise colour replaced by white, which made the individual interactive elements stand out.


Content is king

The best visual style or website is just an empty shell without content. To fill it, we contacted the renowned chef and ambassador of Knorr in the Czech Republic, Robert Bezděk. Together with him, we came up with the best way to present Czech freshwater fish recipes. The design of attractive recipe processing with progressive photos and video-recipes for sharing on social networks was created.

„Media Age has designed an energetic visual with engaging colours and a very modern and progressive tone for the Fish on a Plate project. The websites have received a very positive response thanks to their combination of maximum simplicity and modernity.“

Evaluation Committee of the Fish on a Plate Project

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