We've created
a new identity

Campaign: Agency rebranding

Client: Media Age s.r.o.


Life is change. When Media Age began in 2005, our founding fathers had the blood of experienced media planners and event-makers. Professionals from other disciplines gradually joined us until we matured into a full-service strategic and creative agency with a broad portfolio of services and a clear view of communication.

As we grew, the old brand was getting a little cramped. The time had come to do something about it. The result is a new identity (of course, including web, social networking, and many more details) that better describes what Media Age is today. Confident, courageous and ready to help clients communicate like leaders. Come and see our new brand with us. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

How to summarize the agency's work in one symbol?

The agency’s time is sometimes said to be rough. It rather seems to us that every day is different. Our work as well as the services we offer are endlessly diverse. We are always discovering new layers. We go to the heart of the matter and look for solutions and forms in response to clients’ instructions and needs. From countless ideas we create the final design of communication that has a spark of fantasy, but also order, meaning and purposefulness.


Colour: diversity, that is the question

We like the contrast between black and white. The energy and tension we feel from them. At the same time, we wanted to get variety and diversity into the new identity, which undeniably belongs to Media Age and our clients. Therefore, we play with colours creatively in the new brand and do not limit ourselves to just one corporate shade.


We're a little crazy. And we are proud of it

Good sense of humour. Action. Fun. These are the components without which work would be just a boring routine for us. And the new Media Age brand must be like us. Slightly crazy.

In the gist there is always the essential

The new logo and identity resonate with our philosophy and approach to work. In the gist there must be the essential, motivation and sense of the topic to be communicated. It may seem amorphous, hard to grasp. It can change under our hands. But it must be present. And we will support it with the perfect form. That is why we show at the core of our logo what is really important.


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