Why BIO? We ask the people in the know


What does the Bio label on foods actually mean? Leaving the expert jargon aside, you can find out everything you need to know from blissfully grunting piglets.


Last year we showed the Czechs how to purchase bio for the future and this year we are continuing in our campaign for the State Agricultural Fund. We will still be working with our popular grandfather farmer, but will now be focusing more on ecological agriculture and its impact on the environment. However, there’s no sense in just talking about it, we are best convinced when we see it for ourselves. So we will be shooting our next spot on Czech bio-farms, where the cows graze freely in the pastures and where the pigs live together with their young and have plenty of free space.


Although we’ll have to choose the filming date on an operative basis depending on the weather and other natural factors, you can look forward to seeing the finished spot by the end of September. We’ll also be launching our online campaign at around the same time and will be staying on the farm for a while. After all, we want to do something for people that they will enjoy, and that they’ll be glad to watch in the longer term. Perhaps new, non-traditional content on the existing Instagram profile @myjsmebio.