Why buy BIO? For the future


Bio is everywhere nowadays. It is therefore important to be able to recognise when we are really supporting something by making a purchase and when we are taken in by nothing more than a false illusion. Do we want to shop to give us a good feeling, or shop for the future?


Everyone knows that biofoods are good for us. In our campaign for the State Agricultural Intervention Fund, however, we teach Czech consumers that they don’t only benefit those who eat them. We try to get them to see the bigger picture – the fields and the pastures that their bread and cheese come from. By buying true bioproducts they are supporting environmentally-friendly farming, and are doing so not only for pure karma, but also for clean nature.


We ourselves also implement the creative solution we have designed for the campaign. Unlike so many other campaigns, our photo shoots don’t only feature people, but also carefully selected biofoods. Everything is carried out under strict expert supervision, so you can be sure that what you are seeing in the press and banners is a real bio apple or authentic, incredibly crunchy bio bread. Although slightly livened up by our graphic artists, it must be said.